Saturday, April 20, 2013

A.H. Andrews & Co Antique School Desk

Going to do something a bit out of character and offer this amazing 1880's A.H. Andrews & Co. antique school desk for sale unpainted based on the history found here.

Andrews (A. H.) & Co.

This furniture company was founded in 1865 by Alfred H. Andrews, a Connecticut native who moved to Chicago in 1857. By the end of the 1860s, Andrews employed about 70 men, who made about $150,000 worth of furniture each year. By the beginning of the 1880s, A. H. Andrews & Co. had become the largest firm in the city's robust furniture industry, employing about 500 people and manufacturing about $600,000 worth of school and office furniture each year. During the 1880s, the company opened branches in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. Andrews & Co. started to produce metal furniture in the early 1890s, but it entered bankruptcy and went into decline soon thereafter.

Price: $110

Source: Library of Congress


  1. My wife just found a Triumph desk in good condition in an antique store in Arnold, CA that was going out of business. She got it for $20 and is over the moon. It is a marvel of American quality and ingenuity.

  2. We just found a triumph desk (like in the illustrations) for $65 in Bell Buckle, TN. It's in pretty good shape! I love it!


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